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Educational Programme

MACBA sees education as a core aspect that shapes the role of the museum in the neighbourhood and its work with the Collection and the body by liberating pedagogy or questioning the status quo. It is a field of ambitious action that seeks to involve every stakeholder in the museum’s environs and to promote reflection and collective participation through workshops, courses, working groups and tours, all led by artists-cum-educators.

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Educational Activities

Working Groups

The museum promotes and hosts study groups that meet periodically to work and reflect on themes related with our lines of research. The objective of these groups, made up by people with similar interests but different trajectories, is to construct a collective and horizontal self-training experience in a space for experimentation and exchange of knowledge and practices.

Consult Fonds


The Library is a space dedicated to contemporary art that facilitates the general and specialized public’s discovery of and reflection on art practices through a collection of books, magazines, digital resources and other documentary materials.

In the Library you can access the digital fonds of the MACBA Digital Repository and the collection of video art of ”la Caixa” Multimedia Library’s Digital Repository.

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Digital Repository

The MACBA Digital Repository contains the museum’s digital collection of both art and documents and provides open access to selected content via the Internet from any location. At the MACBA Library you can access a greater range of content which is not available in open format due to the legal restrictions affecting the works and documents held in the repository.

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Radio Web MACBA (RWM) is an online radio project based at MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. A radio-beyond-radio that dwells in the folds and intersections of critical thinking, contemporary art, artistic research, activism, knowledge transfer, sound… and everything in between. We produce podcasts which can be listened to on demand, downloaded, and/or subscribed to. And we also publish essays, texts, and related documentation, on the verge of filecasting.

Radio Web MACBA
Son[i]a #382
Itxaso Corral

The work of artist Itxaso Corral calls on an extensive glossary of concepts, media, and practices that explore beyond the bounds of closed definitions, in a gesture that simultaneously expands the scope of possibility of so-called live arts.

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Radio Web MACBA
Edwin van der Heide

In this podcast, we talk with Edwin van der Heide about using radio as a way into the public, outside world, and about radio as a highly regulated space that sometimes resists experimentation.

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Guest researchers programme

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The MACBA Study Centre (CED) offers research support programmes aimed at researchers and working groups specializing in contemporary art and related subjects in order to support the research community, promote knowledge production, foster dialogue between research and contemporary art practices and establish networks with organizations with similar interests.

In addition to the research residencies, the Study Centre offers training placements for professionals who work in libraries, archives, museums and other institutions related to contemporary art who wish to learn about the processes and methodologies of the Archive and Library.

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Study Centre (CED)



The Study Centre (CED) promotes research, the dissemination of ideas and the construction of interpretations of contemporary art. This mission is carried out through the Archive and Library, which contain the collections of documents and books pertaining to the MACBA and those relating to research residencies, contact with universities and other documentation centres and exhibitions and activities organized using its collections.

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Independent Studies Programme

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The MACBA Independent Studies Programme (PEI) is a learning initiative whose fundamental goal is to mobilize critical thinking and activate the political imagination from the intersection between artistic practices, the social sciences and political-institutional interventions.

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Research & Networks

Meeting de Le Internationale


Through its Public Programmes, the MACBA Study Centre and the Independent Studies Programme (PEI), MACBA works alongside other entities, institutions and individuals who play a part in enriching a new kind of cultural patrimony. These three platforms set up vital and necessary links between heritage preservation and the dissemination of the knowledge that stems from it.

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