What does the Collection include?

The MACBA Collection is made up of works created by Catalan, Spanish and international artists, mostly from the period spanning 1960 to the present. The collections cover a wide range of artistic techniques and materials including painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, assemblage, objects, installations and audiovisual and sound recordings, among others.

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Over the course of 2021, 412 new works were added to the MACBA Collection. Among them are works by Francesc Abad, Txomin Badiola, Jordi Benito, Jordi Cano, Joan Casellas, Mari Chordà, Jordi Colomer, Pep Duran, Concha Jerez, Derek Kreckler, Ramon Parramon, Joan Ponç, Fina Miralles, Àngels Ribé, Elena del Rivero, Leopoldo Samsó, Daniel Steegmann and Francesc Torres.

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The diffusion of the Collection is one of MACBA’s priorities for publicising its artists and their practices. In 2021, over 800 works were loaned to 35 national and international destinations, thus reaching a wider public, more locations and different contexts.

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The MACBA Collection has always been present in the museum’s galleries since it was opened in 1995. Since then different presentations of the Collection have been made, showcasing different selections of works from the museum’s holdings and in turn offering new discourses and perspectives on art from the local and international scenes. 

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Some works from the Collection are on permanent display in public space.

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Behind the Collection

Discover the MACBA Collection through the work the museum’s team undertakes every day for its care and growth.

  1. Acquisition: Discover the process by which the Collection acquires works, from research to the work’s arrival to the museum
  2. Maintenance: Cuando la obra llega al museo, comienza el proceso de registro, catalogación y almacenaje. Conoce cómo lo hacemos.
  3. Conservatio​​​​​​​n: Be it a mosaic, urban graffiti or a chocolate sculpture, all works require care for their conservation and preservation.
  4. Study and documentation: The research, registration and cataloguing of the Collection’s works is another of the main functions of the museum.
  5. Dissemination: The Collection’s presentations and publications allow us to showcase the works it contains. Find out how we do it.
  6. Loans: The works of the Collection travel all over the world. Discover where they have been.

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