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Through its Public Programmes, the MACBA Study Centre and the Independent Studies Programme (PEI), MACBA works alongside other entities, institutions and individuals who play a part in enriching a new kind of cultural patrimony. These three platforms set up vital and necessary links between heritage preservation and the dissemination of the knowledge that stems from it. Significant additions to its documentary collection mean that MACBA is now one of the most important archives in terms of the writing of contemporary art history. In this sense, the Museum also takes on the role of research centre.

MACBA combines the production of its own content, exhibitions and publications with co-productions with other museums around the world. It also regularly collaborates with institutions that request loans of works from the MACBA Collection.

Guest Researchers Programme

The guest researchers programme of the MACBA Study and Documentation Centre (CED) was set up in 2009 to support and promote the study and critical analysis of contemporary artistic practices.

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