Se avecina un terremoto (An Earthquake is Coming)

The essays ‘Ancestral Claims’ (2022), ‘The Glitter Within’ (2022) and ‘An Earthquake is Coming’ (2023), by the philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva and the filmmaker Arjuna Neuman and now translated for the first time into Spanish, share a common background: decolonisation as the only relevant ethical principle of our time. This principle is reflected in their way of making films, for example, questioning the eye – a privileged organ for the assimilation of visual culture – or making a critical review of the use of intertitles and of a type of cut – wormhole – that does not reinforce linear time, but instead assembles an infinitely exploded space where every film, every image, every sound, exists through others.

This Quadern Portàtil has been published to coincide with the MACBA exhibition Corpus Infinitum. Bringing together a series of films based on the four elements – water, earth, fire and air –, the exhibition is a reflection on an interdependent existence and a call for a time and values capable of re-imagining knowledge and life.

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Quaderns portàtils
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