The collection held by the archive was assembled by Xavier Miserachs over the course of his professional life. Towards the end of the 1980s Miserachs himself organized the negatives and contact sheets with the help of historian Maria Dolors Tapias Gil. This organization has been maintained up to the present and illustrates the documentary materials’ relevance for the photographer, and of special note are the documents associated with the photobook Barcelona. Blanc i negre.

Technical details

Xavier Miserachs (productor)
Identification number:
Spanish, Catalan

60.000 negatius (35 mm, 6x6, 9x12) 20.000 diapositives i transparències (35 mm, 6x6, 9x12) 2.500 fulls de contacte 6 plaques de vidre (9x12) 13 arxivadors amb documentació 43 monografies,