Getting there

How do I get to the museum?

MACBA’s central Barcelona location makes it is easy to reach on public transport (Metro, FGC and bus). Parking is also available for those who choose to drive. For more information, see the Location and Access section.

Is there a car park near the museum?

Yes, several options are available. In the Location and Access section, you will find details on the car parks closest to the museum.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, in the Accessibility section you will find information on wheelchair access and other museum facilities for disabled visitors.

Can I park my bicycle in the area?

Yes, there are several bicycle parking facilities in the vicinity of the museum, as well as a Bicing station. see the Location and Access section for further information.

Opening hours and Admission

What are the museum’s opening hours?

In the Opening Ours section you will find the normal and special hours you can visit us. Last entry to the museum and entrance tickets may be purchased up to 30 minutes before closing time. Please note that the exhibition rooms will begin to close 15 minutes before the closing time.

What are the Library and Archive opening hours?

In the Opening Ours section you will find the hours you can visit the Library and the Archive. To consult the holdings of the Archive, an appointment must be made at least 48 hours in advance. For more information, please see the Library or Archive section of our website.

How much does a ticket to the museum cost?

In the Fees section you will find all the admission prices and concessions that apply.

Can I visit the museum for free?

Yes, every Saturday afternoon from 4 pm, and the open days: The International Museum Day (May 18) and the city’s patron saint day, La Mercè (September 24). See the Fees section for more information.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my ticket at the museum?

Yes, the museum accepts credit cards.

Can you visit the museum more than once using the same ticket?

Yes, it gives you access to all the current exhibitions as many times as you want for a month from the date of purchase, or when first accessed.

Are there tickets with special prices for museum visits and activities throughout the year?

Yes, check the MACBA Friends section.

Can you buy a ticket for the museum online?

Yes, you can buy your ticket online.

Do younger visitors have to pay to access the museum?

Children up to 18 years have free access.

Is it necessary to buy a ticket to visit the museum shop?

No, the Museum shop has free and independent access.

Before your visit

Can I purchase my ticket in advance?

Yes. We recommend you purchase your ticket in advance. You can choose the time slot that’s best for your visit, to reduce waiting time and queuing. Persons with a disability or reduced mobility will have the right to preferential access in the advance purchase entry queue.

Can I get my free or reduced-price ticket in advance?

You can book your free ticket on the web if you are part of any of these groups: students, teachers, adults over 65 years old with or without a Tarjeta Rosa, persons with a disability plus an attendant, minors under 18 years old, large families, single-parent families and members of the municipal library network. 

Check the other discounted rates you can acquire directly at the museum ticket desk. 

What are the current exhibits at the museum?

To know which exhibitions are on display, you can visit the Exhibitions and Activities section. 

Do I have to bring my own earphones to listen to the audiovisual works exhibited in the museum?

No, but it is recommended. You can also purchase them at the museum reception. The cost is € 0.50.

Standard earphones (3.5 mm | 0.14 inch, plug-in jack) and headphones (6.3 mm | 1/4 inch, plug-in jack) are compatible. Apple’s Lightning connectors or similar types are not compatible.

During the visit

Do I have to wear my PPE (personal protective equipment)? 

No, currently it's not necessary to wear a face mask. You will find hand sanitizer gel at different points along your itinerary to make it easier to clean your hands frequently.

Do I have to queue if I have purchased my ticket online?  

There will be separate museum entry points for those who have purchased tickets in advance and those who have not.  

Do I have to wait in the queue if I am a MACBA Friend?  

No, you can proceed directly to the entry point indicated for advance ticket holders.  

I am going to purchase my ticket at the museum. Can I pay with cash? 

Although you can pay with cash, we recommend that you purchase your tickets online, choosing the time slot that is best for you, in order to reduce your waiting time and queuing. 

Will I be able to visit all the rooms?

Yes, the exhibition halls will be open.

Will I be able to use the cloakroom service to leave my belongings?

Yes, we want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. As a result, we provide lockers users can activate with a €1 coin. No scooters or bicycles can be brought inside.

Will I be able to leave my bicycle, scooter, etc. inside the museum?

It isn’t possible to leave any personal transportation devices inside the museum.  

What informative material is available to me when visiting the exhibitions? 

At MACBA you will find printed material such as information sheets. However, we recommend downloading all related content available on the Museum’s website. You can also download the MACBA app (free), where you will find audioguides and explanatory pages of the exhibitions.

You can also listen to the audiovisual pieces in the museum’s exhibitions. We recommend you bring earphones/headphones. Standard earphones (3.5 mm | 0.14 inch, plug-in jack) and studio headphones (6.3 mm | 1/4 inch, plug-in jack) are compatible. Apple’s Lightning connectors or similar are not compatible.  If you do not bring your own earphones, you can purchase some at the museum’s reception desk for € 0.50.

Will I be able to use the accessibility resources (wheelchair, visual and auditory accessibility resources...)?  

Yes, we provide accessibility resources on demand (more information is available at the visitor services desk).  You can also see the Accessibility section.

Am I allowed to take photographs in the museum?

Yes, you can take photos without flash. The images must only be for personal, non-commercial use. MACBA may occasionally need to restrict permission for specific works or exhibitions. If you want to use a tripod, please fill in the following form, print it and hand it in at the reception desk.

Who do I contact if I want to take photos for commercial purposes or request high definition images of works from the Collection?

Please address your request to the Study Centre. If you need press images, please contact the Press department.

Can I sketch during the visit?

School groups are allowed to sketch in pencil or charcoal, by prior request.

Is there a bar or restaurant at the museum?

At the moment there is no bar or restaurant.

Visits, activities and workshops

Are there guided tours? 

Yes. Consult the current guided tours of the museum. Download our free app and you will have access to audioguides and explanatory pages on the exhibits, images and much more. 

Are there live activities going on? 

Yes. This is where you will find our suggestions for activities.


What is the MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona?

To learn about the history and work of the MACBA, please go to the About MACBA.

How can I find out about the museum’s touring exhibitions?

The Exhibitions section includes details on all the exhibitions organised by the MACBA that can currently be seen in other centres, in Spain or internationally.

How can I support the museum’s work?

You can support the museum through different ways: Support for the Museum.

Where can I find information about internships or employment opportunities at the museum?

Positions vacant and internships are posted in Work at MACBA. You will also find contact information for any questions you may need cleared up.

Does the museum offer venue hire for external events?

Yes, in Venue hire you will find a detailed description of the rooms available for hire and organize special events.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service department at this email address, macba [at] macba [dot] cat, and/or by phoning 93 481 33 68.