MACBA Historical Fonds is formed by the documentation that the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) has produced in any medium and format, in the course of its exhibition, cultural and educational activity. The documentation is transferred to the Archive is based on three considerations:

  • Completion of the process by which the documentation has been generated.
  • Historical or patrimonial value of the document, once it has lost the administrative, legal or fiscal value.
  • Lower query frecuency.

Technical details

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Col·lecció MACBA. Centre d'Estudis i Documentació. Fons Històric MACBA

MACBA Historical Fonds

About the fonds

The MACBA Historical Holdings preserve the heritage documents produced by the museum over the course of its activity from its opening to the present day. The Holdings are an essential part of documenting how the museum has changed, its history, Collection and entire exhibition and programme activity. They therefore make up a project that extends into the future and is intimately connected to the history and evolution of the museum.

The Holdings are undergoing a process of cataloguing and digitisation and currently contain more than 5,000 catalogued documents, among which include various types of documents, such as photographic reports and videos of exhibitions, conference and seminar recordings, informational material, posters, sound recordings, etc. They are the result of the activities that take place in the museum: exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, musical activities, among others.

The Holdings focus mainly on preserving the museum’s memory, guaranteeing access to documentation and information, improving the conditions for preserving and storing documents, making MACBA’s documentary heritage available to art researchers and agents and disseminating documentation that bears witness to the museum’s activity.

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