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One click… and you’re in. We’ve created a new digital itinerary around the Collection. We entered the Museum and stopped to look at some of the works that have recently been included in the exhibition during its new rehang, but also some that have been there from the beginning. We invite you to follow us.

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What would a museum look like if it tried a different museographic practice? What would happen if the works themselves became the focus of the exhibition? MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention suggests answers to these questions. Inspired by the Martinican poet and philosopher, Édouard Glissant, who argued that a poem must never deny the way of the world, the exhibition places the works at the centre of the experience. The virtual journey to the exhibition starts here.

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MACBA Collection

Curated by the MACBA curatorial team, this exhibition of the MACBA Collection, dated from 5 October 2018 to 1 November 2022, features a permanent display of works that was regularly updated. The exhibition takes a chronological route from 1929 to the present day, emphasising the particular points of focus that the Collection has developed since its inception; a story told from the perspective of Barcelona and its immediate context.

In Real Time. Rafael Tous Collection of Conceptual Art

In real time. The Rafael Tous Collection of Conceptual Art offered an important journey through the experimental practices of the seventies and eighties in Catalonia, including action art, the interaction with nature, an interest in the media and the new consumerism, social and political critique, the word and the incorporation of the object, to mention but a few. The works presented clearly illuminate the inclinations and preferences of this private collector, who, in the act of collecting, found his own way of expressing himself.

No hay replay

The Capella MACBA featured No hay replay by Carlos Pazos, an extensive object-based installation exploring the inner journey and intimate experience. Through the artist’s own aesthetic language, it evoked the condition of memory and its fetishes, but also evoked a sense of oblivion and discarded paths, loss and chance. This installation was part of the In Real Time. Rafael Tous Collection of Conceptual Art exhibition.

Les portes de Linares

Jordi Benito’s installation, Les portes de Linares, was presented in its original context at Metrònom, thus incorporating this space into the In Real Time. Rafael Tous Collection of Conceptual Art exhibition. Far from his Wagnerian quotations, in this installation Benito adopted the theme of tragedy, total art and Goya’s Tauromaquia, with eight scenes illuminated as sculptural fragments that placed us on the threshold between life (or art) and death.