Welcome to our confinement diary

Sometimes art overtakes life. The artists in the MACBA Collection offer us experiences for distancing ourselves from the world and works that are a call to action. A typography of possible things to do during the period of confinement. Day after day, from MACBA, art will be with you.

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'A Short Century: MACBA Collection' exhibition views. Photo: Dani Cantó
View of 'A Short Century: MACBA Collection'. Photo: Dani Cantó
Vistas de Un siglo breve: Colección MACBA. Foto: Dani Cantó
Vistas de Un siglo breve: Colección MACBA. Foto: Dani Cantó

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"Fons #03: Miralda"
Since the sixties, Miralda's work has been notable for its incisive analysis of the mechanisms of state control and the conventions of our consumer society, and its irreverent demystification of the clichés around the production and reception of the artistic object. His early objectual projects soon gave way to ceremonial actions involving collective participation, with food as a protagonist. Fons #03 offers an overview of the career of Antoni Miralda (1942).
Son[i]a #257. val flores
ALTARES, AZÚCAR Y CENIZAS #3. Anti-racism and anti-colonial resistance from the perspective of people of African descent
AVANT #9 Victor Nubla. Part I
I’d really like to think that the artist could be just another kind of material in the picture, working in collaboration with all the other materials.
Robert Rauschenberg