Dissabtes MACBA capçalera

Dissabtes MACBA

Every Saturday starting at 4 p.m. you can visit all the exhibitions for free and get a closer look at them, guided by the artists.

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MACBA Collection Capsules
Christian Boltanski
Patricia Sorroche, from the Registrar Department, talks about Christian Boltanski and the work 'Réserve de Suisses morts' (Reserve of the Dead Swiss), one of the most emblematic of the Collection.
Son[i]a #233. Robert Janz

"When I began, en las rocas de Almería, I made water drawings on the rocks. And then, after, I was living in the city for a while and I thought: these tall buildings are my mountains. La calle es mi valle. Estos pequeños side streets son mi caverna. Estas noticias y graffittis son las paredes de mis cuevas. Y entonces empecé a hacer cosas en la calle."

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Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner

Weiner explored the potential of language as a sculptural material and an art form. Weiner won many awards, and his work can be found in the world’s leading contemporary art collections.

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My work is my body, my body is my work.
Helena Almeida