Welcome to our confinement diary

Sometimes art overtakes life. The artists in the MACBA Collection offer us experiences for distancing ourselves from the world and works that are a call to action. A typography of possible things to do during the period of confinement. Day after day, from MACBA, art will be with you.

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Learning to Imagine Oneself. On pedagogies and emancipation
To create new worlds, to fight for other ways of life and to construct different social configurations, first it is necessary to imagine them. Imagination plays a crucial role in every emancipatory process. It must be exercised and put into practice as a form not only of resistance, but also of transgression; as the critical ability to connect elements apparently dispersed or distant from each other.

Our thoughts are with Arnau Puig

In the late 1940s, against the greyness of the Franco regime, the Dau al Set group set about widening Barcelona’s narrow cultural scene in an attempt to recover the Catalan artistic avant-garde of the pre-war years. This would bring together artists and intellectuals, such as the young Arnau Puig, who worked alongside Brossa, Cuixart, Ponç, Tàpies and Tharrats. He remained an important art critic, always committed to multiple cultural fronts and respected to this day.


'A Short Century: MACBA Collection' exhibition views. Photo: Dani Cantó
View of 'A Short Century: MACBA Collection'. Photo: Dani Cantó
Vistas de Un siglo breve: Colección MACBA. Foto: Dani Cantó
Vistas de Un siglo breve: Colección MACBA. Foto: Dani Cantó

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"Fons #04: Àngels Ribé"
It is a survey of the artist's work based on various conversations and documentation that took place during the installation of his MACBA exhibition “In the labyrinth. Àngels Ribé, 1969-1984”.
I’d really like to think that the artist could be just another kind of material in the picture, working in collaboration with all the other materials.
Robert Rauschenberg