Dissabtes MACBA capçalera

Dissabtes MACBA

Every Saturday starting at 4 p.m. you can visit all the exhibitions for free and get a closer look at them, guided by the artists.

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Families playing in the reading and family space of the MACBA Collection

New reading and family space

This is the reading and family space for the exhibition MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention. A place to ‘be’. A place to relax and share a moment with those around you. A place for children to play, but also for learning and unwinding.

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Son[i]a #373
Juan Arturo García

In this podcast, we talk to the Mexican artist Juan Arturo García about language and plants—or about how taxonomy overwrote one tradition of thought and replaced it with another, by way of Latin.

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Radio Web MACBA
Son[i]a #369. Sethembile Msezane
Deleted scenes

We dig up some outtakes from our conversation with South African artist Sethembile Msezane, who riffs on our disconnection from nature.

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