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Austerity and Utopia  

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'Austerity and Utopia' is the first in a series looking at other potential narratives for mapping our current landscape through redefining the social, political and economic terms of engagement.  

Edited by L'Internationale Online With contents by Nav Haq, Pablo Martínez and Corina Oprea, Emilio Santiago Muíño, Athena Athanasiou, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, Max Haiven, Miguel A. López, Marwa Arsanios and Ayesha Hameed.

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The voice of the curator: Teresa Grandas talks about "Takis"
Over a 70-year career, Takis has created some of the most powerful, innovative – as well as playful – works of twentieth-century art. With these, he reinvented the formats of sculpture, painting and music in relation to energy.
Son[i]a #316. Jennifer Walshe
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Son[i]a #314. Anja Kanngieser
By presenting a story of a victim of violence in Colombia, I am calling on the memory of pain which all human beings have, here or anywhere else in the world.
Doris Salcedo