MACBA conceives education as a backbone that articulates the role of the Museum in relation to communities, paying special attention to the educational community and the Raval neighbourhood, of which we are a part.

We want to find ways to be together and build collective thinking, while initiating experimental, liberating and radical pedagogical processes, which will allow us to conceive the Museum as a device for creating a situated history that becomes meaningful when shared with its publics. An educational programme that involves all the actors who live around the Museum is an ambitious proposal, especially one that intends to promote collective reflection and participation through workshops, courses, working groups or visits, which are always accompanied by artists, educators and researchers.

We are interested in questioning the fixed categories in the educational field and the idea of learning as an accumulation of knowledge.
We invite you to explore with us the different ways of relating to knowledge and of understanding education as a practice for interrupting normality, as a space that breaks with regulatory imagination and allows us to delve into poetic imagination.

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Educational Programme

You can consult the educational activities for the 2022-2023 academic year.

In other words

To collect voices, share experiences, look at each other, connect, relate, create a museum. Get into the new video series... In other words.


listado de imágenes de los artistas de educación

Conoce a los y las artistas que nos acompañan en las actividades educativas

El programa educativo involucra a todos los actores que conviven en torno al museo, promoviendo la reflexión y la participación colectivas mediante talleres, cursos, grupos de trabajo o visitas, siempre con el acompañamiento de artistas educadores e investigadores.

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