The Hermetic Bell. Space for a Non-Transferable Anthropology

A pioneer of installation art, Francesc Torres (Barcelona, 1948) puts forward a critical reflection on the different manifestations of culture, politics, memory and power. He also sets out an explicit statement about the position of the artist in society: the relationship between the individual and the community, the role of political discourse in relation to social action and the set of received beliefs. Memory as a territory of political construction is a consistent theme in his work.

This publication presents a series of vital, iconographic and objectual referents that allow us to delve into the essential and critical universe of the artist. With this text, translated from Spanish, Torres recovers the elements and connections between the experiences, images and objects that have accompanied him since childhood.

This Quadern portàtil is published alongside an installation specifically conceived for MACBA by Francesc Torres, from 10 March – 11 September 2018.

Translated into English by Sue Brownbridge.

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Quaderns portàtils
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MACBA Collection

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