José Antonio Hernández-Díez. "I will fear no evil"

Max Andrews (1975) and Mariana Cánepa Luna (1977) are the co-founders of Latitudes, an independent curatorial office based in Barcelona, which works internationally within the field of contemporary art. Informed by an initial focus on ecology, Latitudes is especially interested in site, process and context.

In this text, originally written in English, Latitudes gives us the clues to understand the first experimental videos by the artist José Antonio Hernández-Díez (b. Caracas, Venezuela, 1964), along with his other early works using screens and vitrines. The exhibition shows what the artist termed as a ‘New Christian Iconography’, and as the curators claim, ‘neither ironic nor profane, this notion led Hernández-Díez to create a series of macabre works that hinge on death, consciousness and resurrection’.

This Quadern portàtil is published on the occasion of the exhibition I will fear no evil, by José Antonio Hernández-Díez at MACBA’s Convent dels Àngels from 18 March to 26 June 2016.

Proofreading: Keith Patrick

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