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Proyección de "Segunda Vez" de Dora García y coloquio posterior


02 May 2018

20 h

Segunda Vez (film still), courtesy of Auguste Orts

Segunda Vez (film still), courtesy of Auguste Orts

Segunda vez, Dora García, 2018, 94 min, video, colour, 16:9, in Spanish, Euskera, French and English, Belgium/Norway.

Segunda vez (Second Time Around) is a film and analysis project using the figure of author, critic, artist and psychoanalyst Oscar Masotta (Buenos Aires 1930 – Barcelona 1979) as a trigger to speak about art, politics and psychoanalysis. Art refers to performance art, repetition (second time around) and event (to happen again). Politics refers to the complex position of the artist within an urgent political situation, calling for action. Psychoanalysis refers to a method, a form of transmission of knowledge that allows for complex but efficient answers to complex problems involving language, body, and memory. This project enjoys the support of Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, among others.

Dora García is an artist. Her research focuses on the parameters and conventions of the presentation of art, questions of time – real and fictional – and the limits between representation and reality. Using different supports, she generates contexts in which the traditional scheme of communication – transmitter-message-receptor – is altered, thus modifying the traditional relationship between artist, work and public. In 2011 she represented Spain in the Venice Biennale with the project Lo inadecuado (The Inadequate), and in the 56th edition of 2015 she presented The Sinthome Score, a project of performance and installation.

Marla Jacarilla is a visual artist, writer and film critic. She is the editor of Contrapicado, a magazine of cinema critique and analysis. She has collaborated in several publications on cinema and art such as Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, A* Desk, Cortosfera and Miradas de Cine. Among her solo exhibitions are Posibilidad y palabra (Twin Gallery, Madrid, 2017) and Acotaciones tras la cuarta pared (La Capella, Barcelona, 2013).

Victoria Pérez Royo lectures on Aesthetics and Art Theory (UZ), is co-director of the Masters in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture (UCLM, Museo Reina Sofía), researcher in ARTEA and guest lecturer for various international research programmes based on practice. She has recently published Componer el plural. Cuerpo, escena, política (2016), with Diego Agulló, and Dirty Room (2017), with Juan Domínguez.


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