Drinks-talk with Metter Edvardsen and the curators of Idiorhythmias, Soledad Gutiérrez and Pablo Martínez

This talk will look critically at the discourses and practices that circulate within, around and outside institutions and individuals. How can we find a good model for living and working together that acknowledges the complexities and conflicts of institutional, personal, public and political life? Drawing on discussions on the work of Sarah Schulman and Jo Freeman, on Immanuel Kant's notion of 'unsocial sociability', and on theories of friendship and discussions of trade union organisation, this talk will seek to analyse and explore how we can live and work together while acknowledging the fragility and violence at the core of all social life.

Nina Power is a cultural critic, social theorist and a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Roehampton, London. She is the author of One Dimensional Woman and has written widely on feminism, activism, and structures of labour and care. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers such as The Wire, frieze and The Guardian.

With this new piece Mette Edvardsen continues the process of writing that she has developed in previous works. In the trilogy Black (2011), No Title (2014) and We to be (2015), she was exploring the possibilities and limits of language and how this extends into real space. The access to imagination took place through language, and the closeness to the audience developed with the writing. With Oslo, Edvardsen aims at another way of generating presence and imagination, where not only the performer on stage is central to what is taking place. This time the writing extends into the whole theatre space, multiplying the voices, the actions, the moments, the imaginations – the things and the beings.

*With the participation of Cor Oslo, specifically formed for Idiorhythmias and coordinated by Maitane Beaumont, a soprano and viola player who combines her participation and collaboration in various artistic projects with her teaching post at the Liceu Conservatoire and Universitat de Barcelona.

Jinete Último Reino Frag. 3 is the name of an audio-textual research area focusing on desire, repression, the norm, subjective rebellion and the shared joy of night-time subcultures, which was initiated by María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca in January 2017. Frag. 3 is the first of three shows in the project. It is a lyrical concert and an analyrical recital. It is an audio-textual work. It is a proposition of distortion, deviation and emotions that tells us what to do within ourselves in order to say yes or no against the disproportion of rules that are smothering us in the reactionary times in which we live. Frag. 3 speaks of the night, any night, as a place where things can change so they won’t be the same in the morning. Jinete is not a rider, it’s the effect of resisting the flatland, the experience of gaining a place in this colossal world that is bent on displacing us, nothing that will last a long time with pain and danger and yet, hopefully, won’t disappear.

María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca have been working together in Madrid since 2012 on the idea of the audio-text as an intersection between poetry, language, sound art, music and performance. The research area titled Hacía un ruido (2012–16), which began the cycle of public disobedience in 2011, produced self-published editions of posters and pamphlets, a book published by Contrabando, a record on the Ruido Sisterhood label, an instrumental piece for the Vertixe Sonora ensemble, a two-month-long sound installation, and a hybrid recital that toured such disparate places as Espacio Naranjo and Teatro Valle Inclán, Madrid; the Picnic Sessions of the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Móstoles; the Zemos 98 festival, Seville; 16 Beaver, New York; Hangar, Barcelona; El Arsenal, Córdoba; and LARVA, Guadalajara, Mexico. Jinete Último Reino Frag. 3, the research area on subjective disobedience currently being developed, originates from an instrumental piece for oboe and electronics performed by the Smash Ensemble in 2013 and published as a musical score by Present Tense Pamphlets. Frag. 3 was presented during a hybrid concert at the C3A, Córdoba; as part of the programme El porvenir de la revuelta at Matadero, Madrid; and in the audio-text Negro (RSRJ RJRS), published by Radio Reina Sofía in December 2017.

From 28 April to 5 May, a selection of video works and publications will be available for consultation at MACBA Atrium, in the Meier Building.

María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, "Jinete Último Reino Frag. 3", 2017. Photo: Jorge Mirón


12.30 pm Talk and drinks with Mette Edvardsen, Soledad Gutiérrez and Pablo Martínez.
Venue: Espai Taller.
Price: Free admission

7.30 pmNina Power, lecture Conflict, Compassion, Commitment.
Venue: Espai Taller.
Price: Free admission. In English.

9 pm Mette Edvardsen, Oslo (2017), performance.
Venue: Capella MACBA.
Price: Admission 5 €

10.30 pm María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, Jinete Último Reino Frag. 3 (2017). Venue: Exhibition gallery, Convent dels Àngels.
Price: Admission 5 €

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