8, 15 and 16 February

The SÂLMON< Festival reaches its eighth edition as an organic event promoting encounters between artists, the public and professionals. Incorporating various formats, it offers an intense programme by local and international creators who are part of artistic residences. The festival builds and evolves around the works and creativity of its previous editions.

For this edition, MACBA once again collaborates with SÂLMON< by offering a programme in three formats. Conceived together with the festival, it will be presented in the Museum galleries in dialogue with the exhibition Charlotte Posenenske: Work in Progress.

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100 cosas que hacer hoy mejor que ver esta performance, Paloma Calle. 


'No idea'. Photo: Carmelo Salazar

Non Show Work in Minimal Ground

The choreographer and dancer from the Canary Islands has made an in-depth exploration of the limits of dance from various physical experiments in which the limits of the stage are extended. On this occasion, Salazar will enter into dialogue with Posenenske’s work, its variability and the social critique it presents.

To Dance in the Age of No-Future

Presentation of the book To Dance in the Age of No-Future

This book is a reflection on contemporary experimental dance in relation to the semantic field of the term ‘destitution’. Following the path of dissident corporealities generated by dance’s historical tradition over the last fifty years, the book addresses, from an aesthetic, philosophical and socio-political perspective, the possibility of dance free of the neoliberal premise that aims to govern the entrepreneurial spirit and production of subjectivity. Instead, dance is seen here as an existential category linked to a fleeting experience of freedom.

100 cosas que hacer hoy mejor que ver esta performance, Paloma Calle.

100 better things to do today than seeing this performance

Presentation of the piece, created during their period of residence at MACBA

Paloma Calle’s project could be considered an ‘exhumation’ of the performance 100better things to do today than attending the White Night, which took place at the Galería Espacio Menosuno during Madrid’s first White Night in 2008. The piece was created in collaboration with the local artist Xavier Manubens, using humour, strangeness, irony and occasionally the participation of the public.

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