Paloma Calle’s project could be considered an ‘exhumation’ of the performance 100better things to do today than attending the White Night, which took place at the Galería Espacio Menosuno during Madrid’s first White Night in 2008. The piece was created in collaboration with the local artist Xavier Manubens, using humour, strangeness, irony and occasionally the participation of the public.

Besides offering the opportunity to share this long performance with the two performers, it stands as a metaphor of and a reflection on compulsive consumerism of cultural events, as well as Facebook or Instagram friends, clothes, mobile phones, products bought on Amazon, professional contacts and ‘likes’. A bulimic culture that is consumed and quickly digested, if it can be digested, and then vomited to make room for the next fix. It is a performance that aims to shake up the viewer, while challenging the audience to remain together for a number of hours.


Creators and performers: Paloma Calle and Xavier Manubens.

Paloma Calle lives her life and develops her projects in a hybrid and shifting territory halfway between research, performance, activism, non-formal education, and being a housewife. In her performative practice, she proposes a way of thinking based on doing, or acting, but with the body, not with words and discourses. Her aim is to legitimise knowledge and learning, away from traditional or academic research. Her working tools are humour and strangeness, autobiography and self-questioning, from a feminist intersectional perspective that challenges the heterosexual norms. Calle has worked with different institutions in Europe, Asia and Latin America, such as Matadero, Intermediae, La Casa Encendida, CA2M, Fine Art Schools in Madrid and Cuenca, MUSAC, Aprendanza Programme, Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia), Panorama Festival (Brazil) and Espacio NAVE (Chile), among others.

Activity organised by SÂLMON< Festival in collaboration with MACBA.

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