The Conservation of the Collection

One of the main tasks of the Museum is to conserve its heritage for future generations, and to make it accessible to the public. For this reason, the Museum runs a regular preventative conservation programme and, if necessary, also carries out any required conservation and restoration work in accordance with the precepts of respect for the integrity of the work and minimum intervention. This process can also involve the collaboration of the artist and other professionals working in different fields related to contemporary art.

Preventative conservation includes any action that directly or indirectly extends the life of a collection, respects the integrity of the work and makes it accessible. By joining the Preventative Conservation 2 project in 1999, MACBA became part a plan for raising public awareness and implementing preventative conservation, which has now been integrated into the regular protocols that guide the activities of the Museum team.

The artworks usually take the form of installations, objects, paintings, graphic material, multimedia art and photographs, but contemporary art is complex in terms of its morphology, make-up and reproduction, so it is very difficult to put together an exhaustive list. The conservation of an artwork often requires the participation of specialists from a wide range of sectors who do not really belong to the world of conservation per se.

Research projects

Through its participation in research projects with other centers, MACBA has been able to deepen its knowledge on subjects such as the behaviour of new materials, documentation and the interpretation of artworks, new preventative conservation systems and intervention techniques. MACBA currently collaborates with the Centre de Restauració de Béns Mobles de Catalunya (CRBMC) and the Animal Health Department at the Veterinary Faculty, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Meanwhile, restoration also involves the transfer of specific knowledge to professionals from other fields who collaborate in the process, and this takes place through workshops and seminars. Along these same lines, MACBA has developed an internship program for training professionals in this field in collaboration with several national and international centers. Lastly, it is important to mention the public awareness raising campaigns that show visitors the importance of their own role in the conservation of artworks.





  • Photo: Noemí Mases / MACBA, 2012
  • Photo: Noemí Mases / MACBA, 2013.
  • Photo: Sílvia Poch, 2014
  • Photo: Sílvia Poch, 2014
  • Photo: Gemma Planell / MACBA, 2012
  • Photo: Tony Coll, 2012
  • Conservation of the Collection
  • Conservation of the Collection
  • Conservation of the Collection
  • Conservation of the Collection

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