Proyecto espacial #7, Esther Ferrer

The collaboration between artists and conservator-restorers at the MACBA is a common and necessary working practice for understanding and documenting firsthand the criteria for exhibiting the works as well as their specific conservation needs. The artist’s desires are thus included in the conservation protocols for their work, ensuring its longevity in the future.

The close collaboration that is often established between the artist and the conservator-restorer enables the latter to become intimately acquainted with the work. In any case, this does not preclude the artist actively participating in the installation of his or her pieces, whether by adapting them to the exhibition space or undertaking new productions. Moreover, his or her presence is often essential.

This is the case with the large-scale realization of Esther Ferrer’s model Spatial Project #7 for the exhibition of the collection Desires and Needs in 2015.

In Esther Ferrer’s exact words: “I have never been very interested in producing large-scale projects in real space. If the model I produce functions, then the work is done. If I have the chance of doing it in real space, that’s wonderful, but if I don’t it doesn’t matter. For me, art is a process.”

As the artist says, the process is as important as the final work of art. The Spatial Projects series brings together a set of models of projects for possible interventions ‘in’ and ‘with’ space. On this occasion, the artist, together with the conservation-restoration team, made one of her hypothetical installations belonging to the MACBA Collection.

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Esther Ferrer durante la instalación de la obra “Proyectos espaciales" Series #7. Foto: Gemma Planell
Vista general de la instalación de la obra "Proyectos espaciales" Series #7
Detalle de la instalación de la obra "Proyectos espaciales" Series #7
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