“I wanted to relate with the black people, with the blackness, with the darkness in the sea at night. Is a parquet floor made with a hundred pieces of wood that comes from the boats that come from Africa, from the immigrants. I come from the south of Spain, in Ronda. Since many years I have seen this cemetery of boats and it’s a kind of horribly beautiful image. The wooden floor for me it’s related always with the bourgeois house. I find the poetic of the work that who knows what is the history of each piece of wood, from where it comes from, who has painted… and that is something in one way this kind of energy I believe is in the piece.”

Carlos Aires talks about his installation Black Sea, made with recovered woods from a cemetery of abandoned boats at the costs of Cadis. Interviewed on the occasion of the exhibition in Moderne Kunst Museum in Oostende in 2017.