The incorporation of the Tous Collection into MACBA increases the representation of the experimental artistic practices that began in the early 1970s under the umbrella of Conceptual art. As Eugènia Balcells defined it in 1992, it was about ‘producing things that no one asked for’. The new exhibition In Real Time. Rafael Tous Collection of Conceptual Art features the works newly-incorporated into MACBA, and which will add a significant contribution to the Collection. Abad, Balcells, Benito, Cerdà, Garcia Sevilla, Grau, Jové, Llena, Miralda, Miralles, Muntadas, Noguera, Pablo, Palomer, Pazos, Pujol, Rabascall, Ribé, Rossell, Torres and Xifra are artists who already have their own space in the MACBA Collection. You can explore their works online.