Collection presentations

Una pareja de visitantes observan una obra del museo

Since the museum opened, the works that make up the MACBA Collection have given rise to different presentations, generating a multitude of discourses and relationships among them. In addition, the works are also circulated outside of the MACBA through temporary exhibitions as well as local and international travelling exhibitions.

Following years of annual presentations of the MACBA Collection, as of 2018 the Collection is once again exhibited as a permanent collection but with periodic changes, thus making it dynamic and multi-faceted as well. Titled A Short Century: MACBA Collection and curated by the museum’s curatorial team, it offers a chronological tour from 1929 to the present. The presentation is designed to tell the history of modern and contemporary art through the particular perspectives and themes that the MACBA Collection has developed since it was created. With regard to local travelling exhibitions, the Enthusiasm. Challenge and Obstinacy in the MACBA Collection (2017-2019), stands out; thanks to the agreement with the Barcelona Provincial Council it brought together iconic works from the Collection and could be seen in nine cities of the province of Barcelona.

Lastly, temporary exhibitions like From Barcelona to Abu Dhabi: Works from the MACBA Art Collection in Dialogue with the Emirates (Abu Dhabi, 2018), among others, help to promote the Collection at the international level


The MACBA Collection, the mainstay of the museum, makes it possible to trace a route through the fundamental lines of contemporary art creation whilst contributing to the exercise of critical memory. We produce a number of publications which present and update aspects of the Collection and others that explore specific works in greater depth.

The essence of the fragment and the module resonates deeply in my work.
Pep Agut