Collection presentations

"MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention" exhibition views

Dissemination is the first priority of the MACBA Collection, and is the key to understanding its identity. Firstly, through the presentations that have taken place continuously since the Museum was inaugurated and which have enriched the conceptual connections and relationships between the works. But beyond that, through the many national and international loans that, year after year, bring the Collection closer to audiences from other geographies and contexts. A Collection that is also shown in temporary exhibitions outside the Museum that travel locally and internationally.

Recently, special attention has been paid to consolidating our digital channels in order to open the Collection's holdings to wider audiences, with a number of proposals including the different cycles of the Open Screen programme or the weekly Collectables. This ever-increasing dissemination is born out of the desire to grow.


The MACBA Collection, the mainstay of the museum, makes it possible to trace a route through the fundamental lines of contemporary art creation whilst contributing to the exercise of critical memory. We produce a number of publications which present and update aspects of the Collection and others that explore specific works in greater depth.