Thursdays, from 4 June to 30 July 2020

“Open Screen. Works from the MACBA Collection” is a unique film cycle that, every Thursday, invites you to enjoy free-to-air works from the MACBA Collection. For 24 hours, you will be able to watch selected films and videos by the artists Albert Serra, Pedro G. Romero, Muntadas, Adrian Melis, Itziar Okariz, Pere Portabella, The Otolith Group, Video-Nou, Cabello/Carceller and María Ruido on our website. 

The cycle addresses topics related to the immediacy of the present and to the need to rethink certain collective challenges affecting humankind: the way we work and the productive regime in the contemporary world, the place that the body has in the construction of the subject, the different types of malaise in the information society, the link between power and knowledge, or the new global challenges of the 21st century. 

Albert Serra, Singularity, 2015. © Albert Serra


Pedro G. Romero "Archivo F.X.: Entrada: La casa", 1999-2007

Pedro G. Romero "Archivo F.X.: Entrada: La casa"

Thursday 4 June
TVE: First Try

Muntadas "TVE: primer intento"

Thursday 11 June
Adrian Melis, El valor de la ausencia: excusas para ausentarse de su centro laboral, 2009-2010

Adrian Melis

"Elaboración de cuarenta piezas rectangulares para la construcción de un piso" and "El valor de la ausencia: excusas para ausentarse de su centro laboral"
Thursday 18 June
Itziar Okariz "Mear en espacios públicos o privados", 2004

Itziar Okariz "Mear en espacios públicos o privados"

Thursday 25 June
General Report

Pere Portabella "Informe General"

Thursday 2 July
The Radiant

The Otolith Group "The Radiant"

Thursday 9 July
Vídeo-Nou "Telediario Montesol – Onliyou", 1977

Video-Nou "Telediario Montesol-Onliyou"

Thursday 16 July
Cabello/Carceller "A/O (Caso Céspedes)", 2019

Cabello/Carceller "A/O (Caso Céspedes)"

Thursday 23 July
María Ruido "Estado de malestar", 2018-2019

María Ruido "Estado de malestar"

Thursday 30 July
Albert Serra "Singularity"

Albert Serra "Singularity"

Start of the “Open Screen. Videos from the MACBA Collection” cycle
May 18th 2020. International Museum Day