Ona Bros’ work is rooted in political attention to images as catalysts of semiotic, techno-maternal complexes. She situates her practice in the «embodied», always investigating from personal experience, her own relationality, lived queer experience and a transfeminist perspective. She works with photography, video, writing and live performance, materials that she relates back to distant epistemic fields in search of narratives that (perhaps/briefly) shatter those of the present.

Bros is interested in questioning taboo as a social realm densely packed with nerve endings and imaginaries. In «Cum Shot» she used autoethnography to analyse the constellations of human and non-human beings involved in the construction of sexually explicit images. She was also the co-founder of the collective project Instituto de Estudios del Porno (IEP).

Currently, based on her own gestational experience, she is investigating narratives around genetics in the context of global biomarkets in the field of assisted reproduction.

Performance d'Ona Bros