Saturday, October 28, 11 and November 25, 2023

Communities of Ice is a meeting space designed for people involved in the process of raising children and/or with children whose fertilisation involved the use of "donated" genetic material (egg, sperm or embryo).

Over the course of the three day workshop we will examine the rhetoric, both scientific and popular, surrounding genetics and how it influences our understanding of life, bonds and relational ecosystems. Our aim is to promote an environment where new discourses may emerge, one that goes beyond essentialist and transactional, capitalist discourses. A space to test out nomenclatures and ways of naming experience that invoke affirmative power without obscuring responsibilities. Invoking collective narratives from embodied knowledge and embracing a mutual recognition of children’s vocal patterns.

The purpose of the workshop is, with the aid of Tinta Fina, to create a publication in the form of a game or story about fertilisation with alien genetic material (real or imaginary). The planning and designing stages of the publication will help stimulate conversation among participants in the workshop.

Columba Zabala will take care of the space for children who will also participate in the workshop.

It is not necessary to have attended previous meetings with Communities of Ice. It is a space that ensures and respects the privacy of all present, and participants will only be expected to take part and share as much as they are willing to. Priority will be given to single parents and/or queer or LGTBIQ+ parents.

Communities of Ice is a space convened by Ona Bros as part of the BetaBlastoCuir research project, based on her own gestational experience. 

This workshop results from a collaboration with La Poderosa’s programme Hacer Historia(s). It is presented at MACBA as part of Geopoetics, a live programme that invites us into the universe of poets and artists who employ writing to situate themselves in a scenario marked by the irreversible transformations of planet Earth.

In collaboration with
La Poderosa
Ona Bros. Communities of Ice

If you have any question, feel free to contact us on 93 481 33 68 or by email at macba [at] macba [dot] cat.