Friday, October 27, 2023

Hacer Historia(s) V is a series of contemporary dance performances focusing on archives, memory, history and the body. Organised together with La Poderosa, this two-week programme, which addresses the cyclical nature of life, includes dance, performance, meetings, laboratories and other artistic contexts.

In this fifth edition of the series Hacer Historia(s), MACBA extends a warm welcome to Ona Bros and her project BetaBlastoCuir. This performative conference will be an experiment: the open code for a possible stage piece. A heterogenous framework of voices and presences that explore the techno-cultural imaginaries and discourses of genetic science.

BetaBlastoCuir departs from Ona Bros’ gestational experience giving birth to a human being, her daughter, with whom she shares no genetic connection. Beginning with this premise, BetaBlastoCuir presents itself as a long-term research project that develops in different manifestations, including installations, text, videos, group meetings and somatic practices. Ona Bros will introduce the performative conference BetaBlastoCuir and the 3 session workshops and meetings Communities of Ice.

This collaboration acts as a prelude to Geopoetics, a live programme that invites us into the universe of poets and artists who employ writing to situate themselves in a scenario marked by the irreversible transformations of planet Earth.


  • Creation and performer: Ona Bros
  • Music and performer: Capitano Barbaconyo @capitano_barbaconyo
  • External view: Carolina Campos @ccarocampos
  • Video editing: Claudia del Barrio @cicudelic, Helena Roig @helenaroigg and Rafael Frazao
  • Direct video: Rafael Frazao @rafaelsocra

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Ona Bros
La Poderosa
Campaign image of Geopoetics of the "BetaBlastoCuir" activity 

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