What would the films of Félix Guattari have looked like? In this lecture/performance, part of a multiform project around Guattari’s unmade cinema, filmmakers and artists Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson explore the sci-fi screenplay Un amour d’'UIQ, tracing its relation to Guattari’'s earlier involvement in free radio and the Italian Autonomist movement.

UIQ (Univers Infra-quark) imagines a hyper-intelligent, infra-cellular life substance whose nascent personality manifests itself through interference with global communications networks and insinuation into the precarious desiring machines of a community of outsiders, ‘castaways of a new cosmic catastrophe’. However, when it falls in love with one of its human hosts, UIQ’s sudden discovery of the messy realm of human emotions and the principles of individuation will have fatal consequences both for itself and the planet.

Initially conceived by Guattari and Robert Kramer in the wake of an abandoned film project on the Italian social mouvement Autonomia, UIQ could be considered a ‘molecular’ response to a closure of the collective imaginary that began to take hold during the 1980s, mediated through rampant individualism, specious identity politics and the aesthetics of post-modern nostalgia. Guattari’s unrealised film has interesting implications both for cinema and collective practices in terms of how it promises to rewire dominant modes of spectatorship and subjectivation.

By revealing aspects of the UIQ script through its resonances with a number of sci-fi films of the period – from Solaris and Stalker, to Close Encounters and ET through Demon Seed, The State of Things, Blade Runner, Videodrome, Starman and others – as well as their own speculative investigations into its ‘production’ history, Maglioni & Thomson unveil the singularity of UIQ in the virtual dimension of what the film might have been and what it may yet become.

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Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni are Paris-based filmmakers whose work interrogates potential forms and fictions emerging from the ruins of the moving image and whose practice also includes the creation of sound and videoinstallations, lecture-performances, eventworks, radio shows, tube-tracts and books. Their first feature film, Facs of Life (2009), draws on encounters with a number of former students of Gilles Deleuze, navigating between the terrains of documentary, fiction and essay to explore aspects of Deleuze’s philosophical legacy. In Search of UIQ (2013) unfolds the story of Félix Guattari’s lost science-fiction screenplay, Un amour d’UIQ, through a series of fabulations and spectral re-enactcments. The duo are currently working on a new film project, Disappear One, which sifts through the filmic and literary wreckage of a fatal Transatlantic crossing. Their work has been shown at numerous film festivals, museums and art spaces including FID-Marseille, Bafici, TATE Britain, Serralves, Centre Pompidou and the Ludwig Museum.

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