Guided tour by Joan Rabascall and Bartomeu Marí

This exhibition analyses Rabascall's production during the early sixties to the early eighties, a key era in the artist's career as it enables us to decipher the central code of his concerns.
Rabascall's work may be situated in the setting of a 'perverse', steely vision of criticism of the object and the consumption unfolding in Europe, in contrast to the fascination for the industrial product of American Pop, which led him to explore culture's dependence on the economy, fashion and politics and would result, in the seventies, in his developing a reflection on the construction of history and the way the tourism industry shapes landscapes, lands and languages.

Inauguration: 22 January 2009
Exhibition dates: From 23 January to 19 April 2009


ACTIVITY ONLY FOR FRIENDS OF MACBA: Guided tour by Joan Rabascall and Bartomeu Marí. Monday January 26, at 7 pm
Please, confirm your assistance at amics [at] macba [dot] cat or calling to the 93 481 47 12





Visita guiada a càrrec de Joan Rabascall i Bartomeu Marí, director del MACBA i comissari de l'exposició, per als Amics del MACBA