Rabascall's work may be situated in the setting of a 'perverse', steely vision of criticism of the object and the consumption unfolding in Europe, in contrast to the fascination for the industrial product of American Pop. An expert in British and French art (Rabascall has lived in Paris since 1961), he knows Lawrence Alloway and Pierre Restany, the Independent Group and the Nouveaux Réalistes, and mixes with avant-garde groups that retrieve techniques and positions reminiscent of Berlin Dadaism. The criticism of culture linked to political positions of opposition and revolt led him to explore culture's dependence on the economy, fashion and politics and would result, in the seventies, in his developing a reflection on the construction of history and the way the tourism industry shapes landscapes, lands and languages.


Friday, 23 January at 7.30 pm





RWM Son[i]a: A conversation between Joan Rabascall and writer Jordi Coca
Son[i]a #73. Bartomeu Marí about "Rabascall, Production 1964-1982"