Saturday, 15 and Tuesday, 18 May 2021

At MACBA we will celebrate Night of the Museums (May 15) and the International Museum Day (May 18) with open days and a varied programme of activities for everyone. Join us!

Vibratory Microclimates. The big celebration, a family activity on Saturday morning, will signal the beginning of the Night of the Museums, an open house afternoon-evening for the exhibitions Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The Politics of Relation; In Real Time. Rafael Tous Collection of Conceptual Art; A Short Century: MACBA Collection; and Things that Happen. A programme of projections featuring selected works from the MACBA Collection Manual will be added and can be viewed in the Meier Auditorium.

On May 18th, International Museum Day, will be also an open house day for the ongoing exhibitions. Furthermore, we are organising three round table discussions to celebrate the presentation of the MACBA Collection Manual, where we will talk with other artists and researchers who participated in the book about some of the concepts that it addresses, such as ideas of abstraction, performativity and memory.

In addition, we will hold MACBA BOOKS, special sale of books at MACBA Store Laie. From 15th to 18th May. Check the bookshop opening hours.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us on 93 481 33 68 or by email at macba [at] macba [dot] cat

Dissabtes MACBA. Free thanks to Uniqlo
Dissabtes MACBA


Els microclimes vibratoris

Los microclimas vibratorios

Saturday, May 15th 2021

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Numax Presents

Projection of works from the MACBA Collection

Saturday, 15 May 2021

In a double programme, the Meier Auditorium will host the projection of some pieces from the MACBA Collection, selected from the hundred-odd works included in the MACBA Manual, a publication that also addresses key concepts defining the museum’s programming identity. It will be a unique occasion to see works that have not been on display in the Collection rooms for some time, in their original format and on a big screen.

Disentir and cuidar, Lucía Bianchi and Cecilia Mariño

Dissent and care: reinventing the museum

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

For decades, museums’ present and future have been a permanent subject of public debate, probably as a result of their ability to shape collective narratives and shed light on new worlds to come. However, or precisely for this reason, many of the tensions produced by the cultural wars stemming from the conflict between economic and political interests and feelings are crystallized in museums, traversing them from their very foundations. The pandemic and the crises in health, society and life and their significance have only intensified this debate on museums’ significance, their role, their scale, their evolution and their future. To the point where thinking about their legitimacy has become a matter of survival. On the occasion of International Museum Day, this round table brings together people involved in museum-related institutions that are diverse, specific and situated in different contexts, to share experiences and outlooks.

Manual 7

Abstraction, performativity and memory/amnesia

Presentation of the MACBA 'Manual' in three concepts
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

On the occasion of International Museum Day, we are presenting the MACBA Manual, a publication in which artworks, artists, ideas, places and dates form a conceptual framework that defines the museum’s identity. The entries corresponding to works from the museum’s collection analyse them and put them in a specific context and the particular conditions under which they were produced, and thus go beyond the paradigms of interpretation and representation. The concepts analysed permeate the museum’s programming and are fundamental to the construction of MACBA as a critical space. On the occasion of this presentation, three round tables will be held in which the book’s very purpose, its combination of concepts, artists and works, is put into play. To this end, we have invited artists and thinkers who contributed to the publication and who, through their work and complicity, form an indispensable part of the MACBA, to discuss the concepts of abstraction, performativity and memory/amnesia, as examples of the diverse nature of the concepts that make up the publication and that refer to practices, ways of doing, policies and poetics.

With Ferran Barenblit, Tanya Barson, Pablo Martínez, Melanie Smith, Leonor Antunes, Maite Garbayo, Itziar Okariz, Dora García, Germán Labrador, María Ruido and Marcelo Expósito.