We play ‘Christian Marclay: Compositions' with Miquel Bernat, musician and teacher.
One of the intrinsic characteristics of Christian Marclay’s silent pieces is that they work as musical scores, conjuring sonorities in the minds of visitors. In this way, Marclay’s work is a score for that larger and more universal orchestra: the one we are all part of, independently of gender, age or nationality.

In this take on Marclay’s artistic world, Miquel Bernat creates a dialogue between the world of urban sound and Michael Maierhof’s ‘Splitting 24’ (with the collaboration of Víctor Pons Gómez), as well as a new piece created by Bernat himself, entitled ‘Black on White’.

Dissabtes MACBA. Free thanks to Uniqlo
Dissabtes MACBA
Christian Marclay, 'Video Quartet' (2002)


SATURDAY 11 MAY, at 6 pm
Museum floor 2
Admission: Free. Advance booking required

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