Clean Room, by Juan Domínguez, is a powerful device that, based on the structure of TV series, is presented as a happening in six episodes (at the rate of two episodes per day) in which the limits of reality and fiction are blurred and the possibility of collective thinking is permanently challenged.
Idiorhythmias is an annual programme centred on work around performative practices and driven by the poetic desire to build, from the institution and through action, an imperfect, ephemeral and unstable community; to theorise collectively and to reflect on the potential of the body in a public sphere dominated by the word. As in previous editions, the programme examines the role of the institution in the constitution of that community and approaches the multiple roles that the viewer can adopt.
Clean Room


Venue: Capella MACBA and Convent exhibition gallery
Price for all 6 episodes: 15 €.
- Tuesday 30 April, at 8 pm: Episodes I & II
- Thursday 2 May, at 8 pm: Episodes III & IV
- Saturday 4 May, at 8 pm: Episodes V & VI

Clean Room takes place on 30 April, 2 and 4 May, and two episodes are scheduled for each session. Being a mini-series that works through accumulation, it will only be possible to experience all of the episodes. Therefore, entry is for all three days. If you are unable to attend the first session, you will not be able to attend the subsequent ones.

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