Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The indigenous Mixe people, located in the northwest of Oaxaca, Mexico, call themselves ayuujkjä’äy, meaning “the people of the flowery language.” They were never conquered. Their resistance is attributed to the legend of King Kondoy, a man with supernatural powers and a wealth of knowledge. Ayuujkjä’äy ëy Konk. A fable based on a Mixe myth is an exhibition project that brings together three artistic projects by Mariana Botey and Brian Cross, Taka Fernandez and Dr. Lakra, which approach the myth from different fronts, based on field work and documentary and iconographic research. At the same time, the analysis and reflection on all the materials gathered bring the team closer to the basic structure of the myth and its social, territorial, political, spatial and landscape implications.

As part of the inauguration, Mariana Botey, artist, Art historian and critic, and Pablo Arredondo Vera, curator of the exhibition, will present the project in conversation with Elvira Dyangani Ose, director of the MACBA. Likewise, Dr. Lakra and Brian Cross, two of the authors of the inversive piece shown in the exhibition, will play records and program music from their digital selection of Latin American and tropical music. They will put particular emphasis on new musical expressions of the Ayuuk people, characterized throughout colonial history by the appropriation and reformulation of foreign musical rhythms and styles such as the polka and waltz, traditionally, and now rap, hip-hop or cumbia and vallenato, among others. A musical offering for the cosmic inversion of the world!

Representation of King Kondoy as a main character embracing the mixe village surrounded by a snake


6:30 pm

Opening conversation. Fully Booked

Opening conversation with the participation of Pablo Arredondo, curator of the exhibition; Mariana Botey, art historian, artist, curator and critic; and Elvira Dyangani, director of the MACBA.
7:30 pm

Exhibition opening. Free admission. Previous booking not required


8:00 pm

DJ session. Free admission. Previous booking not required

DJ session with Dr. Lakra, interdisciplinary artist, collector and musician, and Brian Cross, photographer and filmmaker.

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