Jeronimo López Ramírez, better known as Dr Lakra, creates irreverent and provocative images that transgress established rules and lead the viewer to the border that separates attraction and repulsion. His work is distinguished by painting and drawing interventions made directly on posters, erotic magazines and postcards, although it also extends to tattooing, mural painting, collage and sculpture. Through these different media, Lakra explores his interest in anthropology and ethnography, documenting his fascination with taboos, fetishes, myths and rituals from different cultures. A keen collector of objects, Dr Lakra sees the search for materials and images as an essential aspect of his work. His compositions combine historical references and contemporary images, interspersed with religious iconographies and allusions to popular culture. The way in which he juxtaposes these elements reveals both a great knowledge of art history and a subversive sense of humour. Dr Lakra dismantles and disrupts dominant ideologies to question what is considered civilized or barbaric, right or wrong, “high culture” or folklore.