Poetic actions and performances

The sound-related activities organised alongside the exhibition Gil J Wolman. I am immortal and alive kicked off with an audition of Wolman’s “megapneumes” in the exhibition galleries. They continue with the Ràdio Web MACBA Program «Wolman, Lettrism, Sound Poetry and Beyond», led by Frédéric Acquaviva, who positions Wolman’s poetic work in the context of French poetry from the fifties to the seventies. The third activity in the series is an encounter between two French Lettrists from the generation after Wolman, François Poyet and Gérard-Philippe Broutin, who don’t usually participate in public activities, and representatives from the local poetry and arts scene. Between different performances the lights will be turned off so that the audience can listen to spatializations of Lettrist poetry. After Wolman will also be the first concert in the LEM Autumn program.

Curators: Frédéric Acquaviva and Eduard Escoffet
In collaboration with Gràcia Territori Sonor


Friday October 15 at 9 pm

Gil J Wolman, Wolman et ses Callas (c. 1963)

Gérard-Philippe Broutin, Concerto pour une bouche et quatre membres (1976)
(sound production: Frédéric Acquaviva, 2009)

François Dufrêne, Paix en Algérie (1958)

Anton Ignorant, Enter Wolman: the noVIP series @ BCN

Maurice Lemaître, Démos (c. 1963)

Esther Ferrer, El arte de la performance: teoría y práctica (2010) (cancelled due to health problems)

Isidore Isou, Symphonie Juvenal (2001-2004) (fragment)
(arrangement and sound production: Frédéric Acquaviva, 2004)

François Poyet, Idiosyncrasie (2010)


Gérard-Philippe Broutin (Saint-Cloud, 1948) is a lletrist artist who has participated in a great many of the group’s exhibitions and events. A poet and musician, he has created numerous pieces based on phenomena and sounds. He has also edited some works by Isidore Isou.

Anton Ignorant (Murcia, 1957), is a self-taught performer and musician who currently lives in Buenos Aires. Since 2000, his work is focussed exclusively on live performances, moving freely between popular music, sound art and performance. He has recently began to explore the field of contemporary dance.

Esther Ferrer (San Sebastian, 1937) is an artist and performer based in Paris. She began her activities between 1961 and 1968 at the Artistic Association of Guipuzcoa in San Sebastian. In 1968 she set up the “Free Expression Workshop” in San Sebastian with the painter José Antonio Sistiaga, and an experimental school in Elorrio, Biscay. In 1967, she joined the group Zaj, which had been founded in Madrid in 1964 by Ramón Barce, Juan Hidalgo and Walter Marchetti.

François Poyet (Courbevoie, 1948), a lletrist artist, has participated in the group’s exhibitions since 1966. His artistic activity encompasses painting, sculpture, photography, film, word games, novels, theatre and performances, always under the inspiration of Isidore Isou.

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