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Friday 15, Saturday 23 and Friday 29 October, at 9 pm

Friday October 15
After Wolman

The legacy of Gil J Wolman will be on centrestage at the first LEM concert, which consists of an encounter between François Poyet and Gérard-Philippe Broutin, two French Lettrists from the generation after Wolman, and representatives from the local arts and poetry scene. Between different performances the lights will be turned off so that the audience can listen to spatializations of Lettrist poetry.

Saturday October 23
L'Enfance Rouge

Since 1993, L'Enfance Rouge (François R. Cambuzat, Chiara Locardi and Jacopo Andreini) have been making music that is not easily classified, and that is sometimes labelled as «avant-rock». In recent years, they have regularly collaborated with musicians from northern Africa, although trying to avoid the pleasant sounding, uniform fusions that usually characterize «world music».

Friday October 29
Pierre Bastien

Pierre Bastien (Paris, 1953) built his first musical machine in 1977, and throughout the following decade he composed for dance companies and played with Pascal Comelade. During this period he continued to develop his mechanical orchestra. Since 1986 he has worked with it almost exclusively, in solo performances, sound installations, recordings and collaborations with artists like Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt and Issey Miyake.

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