Planned donations and legacies to the Museum 

MACBA is very mindful of the various donations and legacies that, over the years, have contributed to the growth of its Collection. They are generous gestures that prioritise art, culture and collective values. Our heartfelt thanks go to all those who have made it possible. Although all have been significant and essential, by way of representation, here are some of the most outstanding donations: Patrick Faigenbaum, León Ferrari, Robert Frank, David Goldblatt, Grup de Treball, Don Kunkel, Lady Jinty Latymer, Fina Miralles, Joan Rabascall, Ahlam Shibli, Philippe Thomas and Francesc Torres.  

It is also worth highlighting, due to their significance, the large collections donated to the museum, such as the Joan Brossa fonds, the Xavier Miserachs fonds and the Rafael Tous fonds.