La dècada de 1990: Rewind & Forward. Cap a una competència pública de l’art

In February and March 2018, MACBA organised the course ‘The 1990s. Rewind & Forward. Toward art’s public accountability’. The aim was to explore, together with the participants, the paths followed by Spanish art in the nineties that have become the motor of current aesthetic practices, whose common denominator is to generate a public accountability of procedures and objectives, so they become relevant to the collective and political life. The need to extend this accountability to the feedback of the participants – which is normally applied only to the private sphere after face-to-face sessions – led to the idea of making a publication of the interpretations and contributions arising from the topics covered in the course. This is the book’s raison d’être. The textual and graphic materials we have reproduced have not been edited or corrected in any way. The sequence for the final layout of the publication was decided during two sessions with the authors, the directors of the course and the Museum’s team. One of the participants was commissioned to produce the final design. This publication is also available in PDF format as a free download from MACBA’s website.

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