The Fragmented Body. A genealogy of Spanish art of the 1990s’
November 2019

This publication is the result of a collaboration between the participants of the course ‘The Fragmented Body. A genealogy of Spanish art of the 1990s’, directed by Imma Prieto, independent curator, art critic and lecturer in contemporary art, and organised by MACBA during March-April 2019.

The aim of the course was to rethink the construction of the stories that allow us to write history from another place, by positioning ourselves in the new imaginaries that, in the 1990s, expanded the way we think about the different bodies: fragmented, social, political, technological, silenced or constructed. Based on these categories, and acting not only as witnesses but also as participants of that era, Marcel·lí Antúnez, Xabier Arakistain, Eva González-Sancho, Rogelio López Cuenca and María Ruido deliberated freely about the questions they deemed most relevant in the course.

The result is a free-format publication, printed in risography. The textual and graphic materials have not been edited or undergone any corrections. The sequence in the final maquette of the book was decided during two sessions between the authors; Imma Prieto, director of the course; the Museum team; and Do the Print, responsible for the final design. The publication is also available in PDF format and can be downloaded freely from MACBA’s website.