Cruhda, aka Paula Gómez de Caso, is an artist who grew up in the heart of the Iberian plain (Meco, Madrid), playing procession marches and pasodobles on her clarinet. After gaining her degree in philosophy in Madrid, she founded several post-punk bands and went on to join VACIADOR 34, a well-known avant-garde musical and political collective based in Carabanchel (Madrid) who worked with key figures in the field of electronic music from all around the world.

In her musical work, Cruhda explores the combination of electronic music with Spanish folklore roots. Field recordings, the use of samples, synthesizers, vocal melodies and clarinets are at the heart of her compositions. In 2019 she recorded her first EP “Ibera Morte”, coproduced and mixed with Avel Mismo and mastered by Harto Rodríguez. In 2020, Humo International released an extended cut on vinyl. She has played at festivals and venues such as ITHAKA, EUPHONIC, Her (Tenerife), LINK (Reina Sofia Museum), Etopia (Zaragoza), KM28 (Berlin) and Ormside Projects (London). In 2021 she won a residency for electronic musicians in Matadero (Madrid), and showcased her work in progress at the L.E.V. festival in collaboration with the Galician filmmaker Judith Adataberna.

In 2022 Cruhda moved to Berlin and finished work on her second album “Lux Ahena” with Avel Mismo, mixed and mastered by Bridget Ferrill. The album broadened her exploration of electronica and traditional Spanish music, incorporating elements from ‘dark ambient’. Emancipation, land, sisterhood, death, truth and poetry are central to her musical imaginary.

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