From October 31, 2024 to February 23, 2025

The resistance of language and the morphology of speech are two characteristics of the work of Teresa Solar (Madrid, 1985). Her work is based on a continuous search for multiple concepts presented as enormous sculptural installations that, in recent years, have become more complex through forms related to resistance, hollowness, the body and bone structure. The artist began using drawing and video as her fundamental work tools, but over time her production has come to focus on sculpture, exploring new materials with which she articulates forms that refer to elements related to the organic and lead to a world of metaphors that hint at the flow of currents, voids and the connectivity between orifices and gaps.


The Museo CA2M and MACBA were the initiators of this solo exhibition of the work of Teresa Solar, showcasing her production in recent years. Curated by Tania Pardo – Assistant Director of Museo CA2M – and Claudia Segura – Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at MACBA –, the exhibition alludes to the relationship with matter, language and bodily production through a museography that varies, changes and expands in a very different way in each of the three participating venues.

The first presentation of the project will be at the Museo CA2M, seen here as a ‘space of contraction’. From there it will travel to MACBA, where the incorporation of new works will turn it into a ‘space of dilation’. In the first of these two chapters, titled El codo y el cuchillo (The Elbow and the Knife), emphasis will be placed on two large installations that condense Solar's research in recent years. In the second showing, provisionally entitled El codo, el cuchillo y la lengua (The Elbow, the Knife and the Tongue), the exhibition will create a dialogue between the fictional and the real, delving deeper into the narratives about the process, in which new forms and plastic surfaces alluding to the organic are juxtaposed, together with smooth and shiny industrial finishes. Combining recent and early works, sculpture will be reinforced by the inclusion of the practice of drawing, which will help to reflect upon and organise the perception and experience of the origins of each form, and other ideas that orbit them.

Following MACBA, the exhibition will travel to the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, where it will be curated by Irene Calderoni, Chief Curator of this foundation, who will put forward a new reading of Solar’s work, while maintaining some installations shown at the previous venues. It is an exhibition that mutates in each venue, exploring other forms of complicity between institutions, with the artist's practice adapting to the space in which it is located.

Teresa Solar's work is part of the Collections of Museo CA2M and MACBA.

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