together with the participants, in this workshop we will make a textile installation from recycled women’s clothes: a sea reaching all those countries known collectively as PIGS, the mediterranean-arab countries and turkey.
on this occasion, we propose the sea as a common element capable of creating alliances free of the pig symbology running through today’s islamophobia.
given that all the PIGS countries, with the exception of greece, were founded on colonisation, we propose taking historical responsibility as a tool for getting rid of the western gender system.
the sea is a place full of histories of neo-colonialism and slavery that we wish to transform through a process of undoing, both materially and narratively.
aware that portugal borders on the atlantic, during the workshop we will consider responsibilities other than those circumscribed by the mediterranean and put forward a common reflection on the genealogies of each participant.
with old clothes we will weave knots using the macramé technique. although seemingly naïve, for centuries this technique has been built upon constantly shifting relationships of domination.
the sea takes the shape of a net that today unites and separates, a net of captivity for the many people who journey from the african continent to europe.
we will document this process and create a living archive of the workshop and the encounters that take place.

TAGS: nets, alliances, textile, installation, knots, macramé, colonialism, post-exotic, genealogy, living archive, narratives, africa-europe.

Summary of the between lands: the methodology and self-ethnography of knot weaving workshop by ideadestroyingmuros.

ideadestroyingmuros is a transcultural group founded in venice in 2005 and currently based in valencia. we live in a large house where we share our border vision of nation, sex and language.
our collective artistic work allows us to rescue and transform our own genealogies. the use of recycled materials and a post-exotic method help us to redress centuries of exploitation and build a sense of community every day.



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