In this workshop we will examine the needs, field of action and potential autonomy for the creation of an education programme for adults that is pro-sex, inclusive and critical, and takes into account identity layers (body diversity, gender, desire orientation, sexual and relational), as well as pleasure and accessibility, the places of the desired and desiring body (self-eroticism, visibility, representation and autonomous construction of desire). This workshop invites its participants to think about forms of survival, non-institutional supports and alliances for producing an educational and informal project, bearing in mind the expansion of audiences. At the end we will discuss what an inclusive programme of sex education for adults should be like and what alternative forms of sustainability might be there for such a project.

TAGS: sexual pedagogy, diversities, eroticism, accessibility, desire, survival, inclusiveness

Carmo Gê Pereira has/is a Portuguese project related to sexuality since 2008. She has years of experience in erotic advice and Tuppersex, organising workshops, training courses, talks, cinema screenings and events, and sexual counselling. The aim of these activities is to address sexual behaviours and identities in an open and demystified way.

As well as running this self-managed, activist project, she has also worked in the field of LGBTQIA+ and pro-sex feminism as a trainer and adult educator on subjects such as non-monogamy and inclusive pleasure, access to sex and the rights of people of functional and neurological diversity, sexual counselling, and the safe use of technological sexual gadgetry.

Carmo Gê Pereira. Educación sexual por y para todxs desde una perspectiva sex+, crítica y queer autónoma


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