Happiness. Since when? From the very beginning and every day. The pursuit of happiness is a tic that repeats and organises itself. It is a trucotic. With Riereta 13 (Ramón Colomina Tornasol, Silvia Genovés, Paloma Unzeta, Lu Colomina, Nahui Domínguez), and with the collaboration of musicians Pepino Pascual and Víctor Morató, in 40 minutes you will learn some basic trucotics to find happiness and keep it. For starters, and thanks to agreeing to this information, enjoy our freshly baked emoticon.

Whenever you are tempted to use the expression ‘only if necessary’, save the words and use this emoticon with its gestures and drawings.
I like. I do not like. It’s good. It’s bad. And what about the good that comes from bad? And the bad things that come from good? And what do I like about what I don’t like? What about the guilty pleasures? If you’re asked for an opinion or judgement, don’t hesitate to release the emoticon.

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Trucotics for Happiness


SATURDAY 17 OCTOBER 2015, 7 pm
MACBA Atrium.
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