1st Universal Micronations Exhibition

After having showcased the creative realities of Berlin, London and Helsinki, and following the celebration of its ten years of existence with an exhibition hosting the best electronic art of the last decade, SonarMática is changing location to the -Capella dels Àngels- and this year will focus on one of today's most interesting cultural phenomena: micronations.

Micronations –invented nations, visual territories, fantasy realms created by private individuals and collectives since the early seventies of the last century- have experienced widespread growth with the advent of the internet. Digital embassies and consulates, debate forums, inter-micronational organisations, cyber communities and diplomatic relations are all proliferating on the web.

Faced with this breeding ground, the art scene has steadily taken up its natural place in the creation of micronations: micronation events such as last summer's summit in Finland and the leading role played by artists who are closely linked to the advanced music panorama have brought on the need to host a space for this phenomenon at Sonar.

That is why Sonarmática in 2004 will host the 1st Universal Micronations Exhibition, an international exhibition fair where different artists can present their own micronational projects.

Evrugo Mental State by the Barcelona therapeutic artist Evru, The Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland by the Germans Carl Michael Von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren, the State of Sabotage (SoS) by the creative Viennese label Sabotage Communications, the NSK - a state in time by the Slovenian industrial music collective Laibach and Principality of Sealand, one of the pioneers of this scene, are among the micronations taking part in the showcase.


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