This encounter takes you on a walk through the history of transsexuality
in Barcelona. The director of the Historical Memory of the Gay-Lesbian Coordinator, Leopold Estapé, will guide us through some emblematic areas of the city to better understand the life of certain unique characters. The itinerary will review a wide range of trans identities throughout history, from how genre was identified on tombs in antiquity to the trans Sonia Rescalvo, who paid with her life. En route we will encounter the figure of Catalina de Erauso(the Nun Lieutenant) in the Barcelona of the sixteenth century, the Inquisition, Jean Genet, Ocaña and the transformism of the nightspots on the Avinguda Paral·lel.

The route acknowledges the celebrated while also paying homage to those anonymous bodies upon which, to this day, the history of the sexual and affective diversity of the city continues to be built.

Coordinated by Héctor Acuña

With the support of:
Creative Europe
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Photo: Josep Menoyo


SUNDAY 16 DECEMBER, at 11.30 am
free. Advance booking required
Participants: 25
Meeting point: Plaça de la Vila de Madrid, s/n, El Gòtic

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It could be my bedroom (or something similar to it). Even the same technical characteristics: all the walls and volumes constructed in this module of raw canvas for painters to measure me and measure ourselves.
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