Living libraries are a dynamic created by the ACATHI Association to raise awareness of the stories of people who arrive in Barcelona as immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers and who belong to the sexual dissidence collective. In these encounters, people share their own experiences in order to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices of their audiences. The stories of the people-books of the living libraries and the memories of the encounters make up an oral archive that is activated at each new meeting.

This encounter invites you to be part of one of these living libraries and to share the stories of those who come to this city from other parts of the world.

Coordinated by Julieta Obiols

In collaboration with:


Centre Cívic Convent de sant Agustí

Photo: Aimar Arriola


- 6.30 pm Glorieta de la Transsexual Sònia, Parc de la Ciutadella
7 pm Centro Cívico Convent de sant Agustí. Entrada por Plaça de l’Acadèmia s/n
Admission: free. Advance booking required

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