MIRALDA MADEINUSA brings together all the projects of the artist linked to the United States. One of the most representative works in the exhibition is El Internacional Tapas Bar & Restaurant (1984‒86), a social and artistic experiment created by Miralda and the restauranteur Montse Guillén in the neighbourhood of TriBeCa, New York. During the last days of the exhibition, which continues until 9 April, the work will be activated with different actions and meetings.
Miralda "El Internacional", 1984-1986. © fotogràfic: Pamela Duffy


SUNDAY 12 MARCH, 12 noon
TIBERI. El Internacional as a stage
By Nyamnyam

TIBERI is an installation without formalisms or frontality. At first sight, it might be forty people at EL INTERNACIONAL BAR, holding forty books and reading forty pages, forty… A starting point that activates the action and the interaction with the bar and everything in it, observing how it establishes a dialogue with other objects, actions and food introduced by Nyamnyam. The action becomes progressively more active, mundane, communal, digressive and effervescent. The idea is to be together, sharing food and drinks, a bar and knowledge, and thinking that perhaps this conversation is more interesting than the initial starting point; here we are already at the BAR.
Venue: El Internacional. Limited places. Admission with the Museum ticket

SUNDAY 26 MARCH, 12 noon
Organised by Forever Blowing Bubbles, Joana Roda and Bernat Daviu

Meeting of the members of the contemporary avant-garde movement with a garrofa (carob bean) as an emblem. Garrofisme first appeared at the Fundació Joan Miró during the presentation of Guanyar-se les garrofes (Earn your bread), a film ‘by and about’ the movement that recreates an avant-garde imaginary around this legume. The expression guanyar-se les garrofes means to work in order to survive. In this sense, the artists in the film take a carob bean and the precariousness it symbolises as their source of inspiration for developing a revolutionary artistic movement.
For this meeting, members of the movement will appear dressed in their official uniform and a signature dish of carob beans will be presented. During the action, they will share out their new manifesto, designed and written according to the values of the movement. The idea is to emulate the emblematic meetings that previous artistic movements held in mythical bars such as Els 4 Gats in Barcelona, Paris Bar in Berlin, Café Gijón in Madrid, Café de Flore in Paris, etc.
Venue: El Internacional. Limited places. Admission with the Museum ticket

Bartenders from Barcelona are shaking up the bar of El Internacional. Every Thursday, cocktail bartenders from Boadas, Caribbean Club, Fizz Bartenders, Escola ESHOB and Ideal Cocktail Bar will offer an original blue tequila-based cocktail as a tribute to the universe of El Internacional, the mythical New York restaurant created by Miralda and Montse Guillén.
- Thursday 9 March. Escola ESHOB, with students from the third-year Medium Grade Catering course, presents Laras Cocktail.
- Thursday 16 March. Ideal Cocktail Bar, with Josep Maria Gotarda, presents Blue Tongue. With live music by LANSBURY THE BAND: Berta Sagristà (guitar and voices), Lucía Salvador (percussion and tattoos), Ariadna Veas (ukulele and voices).
- Thursday 23 March. Caribbean Club, with Juanjo González, presents Azul Celeste.
- Thursday 30 March. Fizz Bartenders, with Héctor Henche Vila, presents Columbus Blue Egg.
- Thursday 6 April. Boadas, with Adal Márquez, presents Blue Pain, 1986 (la dolorosa). Homage to Maria Dolors Boadas.
Price of the cocktail: 5 €
Time: 5 to 7.30 pm
Venue: El Internacional
Admission with the Museum ticket

In the context of the exhibition MIRALDA MADEINUSA
With the collaboration of: Biocenter, Casa Bonay, Soon in Tokyo and World Class


I believe an artwork should leave the viewer perplexed, make him reflect on the meaning of life
Antoni Tàpies