Since its inception in 1997, Rita McBride's Arena – the highly celebrated and well-travelled 4 meter by 4 meter modular tribune – has hosted over 100 artists, poets, writers, architects, musicians, curators and politicians. As part of the exhibition Oferta pública / Public Tender, MACBA has invited a series of artists to activate Arena every month for the four-month duration of the show, under the umbrella title Blind Dates. The programme is the latest addition to the long history of Arena, which has included many different activities instigated by the the host institutions or by McBride herself. A concurrent programme, TBA (To Be Announced) has been set aside for spontaneous activations of Arena. The first TBA session is scheduled to take place on 14, 15 and 16 June, during the Sónar festival.


From 20 June to 20 September

June 20, from 4 pm to 7.30 pm - Tamara Kuselman
Tamara Kuselman's work plays with the expectations generated by specific contexts, and with the possibility of frustrating them. It explores the boundaries that separate fiction and reality, constructing situations that exist somewhere between the two. Her works are narrative and performative, but they are not openly staged, allowing them to be interpreted as 'real'.

July 18, at 8 pm - Laia Estruch
Jingle is a performance by Laia Estruch based on an adaptation of an earlier work, The Announcement, a Song in which she added lyrics to a melody in order to convene the audience. In Jingle Estruch takes the printed text that is normally used to promote an artistic event and replaces it with a commercial-sounding jingle, which she sings for the audience while at the same time revealing the process that gave rise to the work.

From August 1 to September 19, museum opening hours - Jordi Ferreiro
Jordi Ferreiro explores the fields of education and artistic communication. He creates works that directly involve different kinds of audiences, who participate in them and shape the end results. These may be a guided tour, a workshop, a collective happening, a piece of hyperfiction or a real-life role-playing game.

September 19, at 8 pm - Ryan Rivadeneyra
Ryan Rivadeneyra, Verde chillón. Ryan Rivadeneyra's project for Arena attempts to deconstruct associations between interpretation and meaning to talk about relationships between installation, performance, and visceral, romantic experiences in contemporary art. The artist will show a series of images, which build up a narrative that questions and interprets metaphors and symbols.

September 20, at 8 p.m. - Miguel Noguera
Miguel Noguera's show for Arena, El clave bien temperado y la rampa bien empinada (The Well-Tempered Clavier and the Well-Steep Ramp), will combine a selection of ideas from his peculiar brand of stand-up comedy, his Ultrashows and his books (i.e. he will work on old and new material). All the ideas in this show will involve ramps, ladders and all manner of accidents and physical mechanisms. His talk will be accompanied by a slide show.

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FONS AUDIO #9. Rita McBride
Son[i]a #157.
Son[i]a #160. Jordi Ferreiro
Son[i]a #165. Miguel Noguera