Continuing in its efforts to recover the avant-gardes and other significant artistic movements of the twentieth century from the perspective of the present, the 2012 Barribrossa festival presents three multidisciplinary mise-en-scènes of the second Catalan avant-garde, Dau al Set (1947-1955).

The Civil War was a harsh blow for the avant-garde Catalan art of the time, which had made great progress during the Second Republic. In the years following the war, a group of young artists including Joan Brossa, Modest Cuixart, Joan Ponç, Arnau Puig, Antoni Tàpies and Joan-Josep Tharrats picked up the thread that had been cut short by the war. In 1948, they launched the magazine Dau al Set, which became a hub and a breeding ground for the visual, philosophical and poetic creativity of its members.

Organized by La Seca Espai Brossa

'Dau al set. Teatre Joan Brossa', octubre-noviembre 1952


Thursday 19, Tuesday 24 and Friday 27 April, at 7 pm.

Thursday 19 April, at 7 pm
The Words. Joan Brossa's Dau al Set
Director: Pasquale Bavaro
Joan Brossa's Dau al Set focuses on the poetry aspect of the magazine, which was principally represented by Joan Brossa, and to a lesser extent by Juan Eduardo Cirlot. It reflects some of the themes that the publication revolved around, including jazz, the absurd and folk culture, as well as Brossa's more radical side, which tended to circulate mainly among minorities.

Tuesday 24 April, at 7 pm
The Images. The Artists of Dau al Set
Director: Àlex Serrano
The Artists of Dau Al Set explores the world of the painters who contributed to the magazine: Modest Cuixart, Joan Ponç and Antoni Tàpies. Their work was accompanied by the writings of the Dau al Set poets, while the art and cultural critics (Alexandre Cirici, Cesáreo Rodríguez-Agulera, Michel Tapié), and other members of the group (Arnau Puig and Joan-Josep Tharrats) helped to shape the theoretical framework.
Friday 27 April, at 7 pm
The Legacy. Dau al Set: a die with seven, eight or nine sides or a set of playing cards that don't add up.
Director: Jordi Prat i Coll
Dau al Set: a die with seven, eight or nine sides or a set of playing cards that don't add up talks about the legacy of Dau al Set. What remains in today’s literary world of that spirit of the fifties, which managed to have a new lease of life in the seventies? Visual poetry, minority literature and some present-day creators who are the conscious or unconscious heirs of Brossa will demonstrate that the shadow cast by Dau al Set is so long that it still reaches us today.

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