The research group "Modos de conocimiento artístico" (Modes of Artistic Knowledge) from the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Vigo has just published a new work called arte: diccionario ilustrado.

Ninety artists from all over Spain, including Marina Núñez, Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Concha Jerez, Isidro Valcárcel, Menchu Lamas, Soledad Sevilla, Eva Loots, Fernando Sinaga, Bartolomé Ferrando, Juan Luis Moraza, Xosé Freixanes and Ana Soler, offer their own definition of the word ART in an extensive text accompanied by images of their recent work.

The same question – What is Art? – is answered by nearly a hundred painters, sculptors, performers and video artists who respond with conceptual paradigms, creative experiences and exclusive testimonies, which they talk about in the atmosphere of their own workshops. A Dictionary of a single word, which directly transmits what is going on in the art world right now.

Presentation by Juan Fernando de Laiglesia (sculptor, Professor of Sculpture at Vigo University and Coordinator of the research group MODO, producer of the book) and Juan Luis Moraza (Sculptor, Lecturer at Vigo University and member of the editorial committee).

Author of the book: "Modos de conocimiento artístico"
Servizo de Publicacións da Universidade de Vigo. 1st Edition: August 2012.

Arte: Diccionario ilustrado


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